About the Book

A determined mockingbird claimed the beautiful full-length bougainvillea of a quiet, happy grandmother’s driveway for his own. He decided he wanted HER tree, HER front yard, and HER back yard—ALL of it. He brought his mate and decided to take residence. They created a nest alongside the front of her yard, where they could see EVERYTHING. They planned out the family, built the nest, and eggs were laid.

This innocent bird-loving grandma was so excited and elated about these beautiful birds choosing to nest so close by. With new babies hatching in her yard she thought to herself “Nature is so wonderful and baby birds are coming right here in my yard”. Little did she know, this mockingbird’s plan was completely opposite. He decided this was HIS yard, and HIS nest, he had to get rid of this trespasser. . .! The battle of wits was now on between a woman and a male mockingbird. Who will win this war? How does it all end?